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[ This Site is under construction. I'm a guitar builder not a webmaster,So I would like to thank you for your patience.}

My name is LJ (Little Johnny). I have been building Cigarbox Guitars for a couple of years. I find great joy building and playing them. More importantly spreading that joy to others. I find that people like the way they look, but love the way they sound even better. When you discover how easy they are to play it becomes the perfect gift. A great gift for yourself, a friend, or family member.

  The Cigarbox guitar has been around for a very long time. Some of the earliest information I have seen dates back to the 1870's. The cigarbox guitar has never been heavily advertised because its not a Big Money item. Most people had a cigarbox guitar (CBG) because they couldn't afford a store bought instrument. They found a box, a stick, some wire and started finding their tunes. It has been said that the Delta Blues was born on a Cigarbox Guitar.

I am a CBG builder not a history teacher. So if your intrigued by the history of the CBG. There is alot of info on the internet. I will help better with education over time.

 My grandpa taught me how to work with my hands as a young child. He also taught me how to make treasure outta trash. So the CBG fits me well. I try to use as little actual guitar parts as possible, however being a musician myself. My CBG's have to play and sound good. So I do use real guitar strings and real guitar tuners. I will always strive to build a quality, playable instrument even if it's gonna be displayed or hung on a wall.

 Most all of my CBG's are 3 stringers. I do this because they are easy to play for the beginner. They also have enough strings for a beginner to grow. You will be amazed what can be done with just 3 strings and a slide. Ohh yeah NO FRETS. Just slide around with 1 Finger!!! I will look into fretted instruments one day,(I have built 2 now 1/30/10 but not for sale yett) but for now it's all about the slide. The bluesy tones really flow from a slide. It really simplifies the process for beginners.

 Most all of my CBG's come with the same features. Meaning quality tonewoods, rounded D profiled necks hand finished with multiple coats of high gloss poly. Hand filed nuts and bridgework, floating tops. All built and completely set up by me. LJ. Almost perfect for years of playing enjoyment.

 I thought I should add these are cigarbox guitars. They are not perfect instruments. Nor are they ever meant to be. If you are looking for something perfect go buy a Les Paul or a Taylor.  If your lookin to turn heads, surprise everyone you play for, or be remembered from last nights gig. Just rip the blues the way it was meant to be heard. Get yourself a CBG. You will be glad you did.