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Par Interiors (Interior Designs)  101 S.Collins St. Plant City FL 33563 (813)754-1567

Owner Patricia Rogers Has been featured on Home and Garden Television!!! 

  Patricia always works with you and what you have 1st. And she loved the idea of offering her customers something a little different. Yaknow outside the box. Or should I say inside the box?

 Did you know that every Little Johns Cigarbox guitar  is made from an authentic cigar box. No bulk load orders from box suppliers. Just the real thing. I believe if cigars didn't come outta it. You probably shouldn't call it a cigarbox. I also leave the surgeon generals warnings and other stickers in place. I cant see myself removing a tobacco warning.(children enjoy playing my guitars too) And I have learned after building over 60 cbg's that sticker removal can damage the finish or box coverings. The only stickers I remove are the aftermarket price tags. Or decals that are coming loose anyways.

Sometimes decals react to the protective box finishes I use. Remember. It's a Cigarbox Guitar , not a Luxury car. Its not supposed to be perfect. It's just perfect for sliding out some sweet blues. And it'll look pretty hanging on the wall too!